How to get the ‘wow brow’

One of the biggest trends in beauty at the moment is the big brow, as seen on the catwalk and sported by celebrities like model Cara Delevinge and actress Keira Knightley. Many of our staff are known for having a bold brow so we asked some of them how to get the look! Contact us if you would like more makeup advice.

Here’s what one colleague said:

It’s official; I have massive eyebrows. Although to an extent I am naturally blessed with these, I have combined my own obsession with brow grooming with some top tips from brow experts to bring you everything you need to know about creating your very own ‘WOW-BROW’.

The perfectly shaped eyebrows

Your eyebrow should start above the corner of your eye and end at an angle just outside the outer corner. You can get a feel for this by using a pencil to work out the position.

I used to get my brows professionally threaded but when grooming at home I used the Veet facial waxing strips, (my eyebrows meet in the middle so this is essential!) and precision pointed tweezers, which help me to get a really neat and defined shape.

If I was going on a night out, I would use The Body Shop’s Brow and Liner kit, which I apply with a round ended make-up brush to add some real weight to the look.

Love your brows; I hated mine growing up and now they are the height of fashion! Work with what you have to get the best results.

What’s it like to have your eyebrows tattooed on?

Specialists in microblading techniques to enhance your eyebrows

However, this was a lot of work and I noticed I didn’t have much time to carry on grooming my brows. Then I discovered permanent makeup. I did my research to look at the side effects, results and after care and I was completely sold. Take a look at reviews here.

All I had to do was go for a consultation, which is where they tested my hair colour etc, then back for the actual treatment and a few weeks after for a touch up.

I cannot recommend the treatment enough as I am loving my new, perfectly symmetrical brows and they look perfectly natural too! I went to Natural Enhancement in Kew for their eyebrow microblading treatment and their quality of work is amazing.

The technician I had spent a while studying my face to ensure the eyebrows tattooed on would be suitable for my face shape and other features. She then consulted with me about the design of the brows and I was made up. A lovely clinic where their level of expertise really shines through.