Advice for pregnant women – do you have the flu?

Advice for Pregnant Women

Does flu pose any special risks to pregnant women?

Most pregnant women with flu will only suffer from the same kind of symptoms as other flu sufferers. However, when women are pregnant their immune system is naturally suppressed and so there is an increased risk of complications with any type of flu. It is important not to panic as the risk of these complications is still very small. If you have concerns speak to you GP.

Take special precautions.

If you are pregnant, you can reduce your risk of infection by avoiding unnecessary travel, avoiding crowds where possible and being careful about hygiene. See our hygiene pages for advice and germ minimising products such as Dettol Disinfectant Spray (use biocides safely).

If a family member, or other close contact has flu, your doctor may prescribe you antiviral medication as a preventative measure. If you think that you may have flu, call your doctor for an assessment immediately. If your doctor confirms flu over the phone, you may be prescribed antiviral medication to take as soon as possible depending on the particular type of virus.

Can I take flu remedies or painkillers if I am pregnant?

You should only take medicines when pregnant on the advice of your GP or healthcare professional.

Will pregnant women get preference for a flu vaccine?

The latest flu vaccine is expected this autumn. Once it becomes available your GP will have guidelines on who will be a priority for vaccination.

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